Personal Injury

 Thompson Barney has secured significant compensation for victims of car wrecks, industrial accidents, pesticide exposure and water contamination. Regardless of how big and powerful the wrongdoer may be, Thompson Barney will fight for you. 

Charleston Chemical spill lawyers

Practice Areas

Landowner's Rights

As corporations have grown more powerful, landowners have seen their property rights ignored, abused and trampled. Thompson Barney has successfully represented landowners when floods and blasting from highway construction or mountaintop removal have damaged their houses, when companies have illegally buried waste on their land and when gas companies have treated landowners as tenants on their own property.

Chemical spill settlement
Charleston Chemical Spill lawyers
Charleston chemical spill lawyers
Elk River Chemical Spill lawyers

Water Pollution

Water pollution affects all of us. Thompson Barney's protects our water supply and those who use it. Our cases have resulted in communities securing municipal water supplies to replace polluted wells, installation of whole-house reverse osmosis systems for our clients who live in places to remote to be added to municipal water lines and reimbursement for monies spent by our clients to buy bottled water because their wells had been contaminated.

​Cemetery Protection

As new pipelines snake through the mountains, family cemeteries risk desecration, destruction and denial from the corporations responsible. 

Thompson Barney has successfully litigation desecration cases and established trusts for the protection of family cemeteries.