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  • ​June 29, 2023 - NRC Launches Special Inspection at Metropolis Honeywell Plant Following Another Safety Incident(WPSD Local 6)[Article+Video]: "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is launching a special inspection into the Honeywell plant in Metropolis, Illinois. The public is concerned."
  • ​June 13, 2023 - Honeywell Leak in Metropolis (WPSD Local 6) [VIDEO]: "Experts say transparency and stricter safety measures are crucial when it comes to maintaining Honeywell's Metropolis, Illinois, facility. This, after the company announced that there was a release of a toxic chemical at the southern Illinois location on Monday." 
  • May 11, 2023 - Town hall meeting planned to discuss Honeywell lawsuit (Metropolis Daily Planet) [Article] - “These lawyers have extensive trial experience,” Kruger said. “Many have extensive experience representing individuals suffering from air contamination from radioactive and other toxic materials.”​
  • October 11, 2018 - Lawyers Share More Findings with Honeywell Suit (Metropolis Daily Planet)  "As I mentioned several months ago, our law firm has participated in the gathering of information regarding the chemical substance of the discharges from Honeywell. These discharges are radioactive, toxic and carcinogenic. The chemicals involved include uranium, thorium and plutonium.”

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Have you been harmed by radioactive contamination emitted from Honeywell Inc.'s uranium hexafluoride processing facility in Metropolis, IL? Our lawsuits are seeking justice for citizens harmed by Honeywell's radiation, including cleanup of damaged properties and medical monitoring.  

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The Undisputed Facts and History of Honeywell's Radioactive Contamination

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  • Honeywell’s uranium hexafluoride ("UF6") facility has emitted radioactive particles into the environment surrounding Metropolis, Illinois since opening in 1958. 
  • Concentrations of uranium in the area around Honeywell's facility in Metropolis began to exceed pre-operational background levels by 1968.​
  • Over the span of decades, scientific testing shows that there is a clear trend of increasing uranium concentrations in the soil near the Honeywell plant.​ These concentrations increase the closer they are taken to Honeywell's UF6 plant. 
  • ​There have been multiple accidental releases of radioactive chemicals from the plant, including releases where clouds of radioactive dust were visible. 
  • There is a very high number of radiation-related cancer cases among workers and residents near Honeywell's Metropolis plant.